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Early Origin of Life on Earth

Features of life and evolution indicate that life could only originate during meteorite bombardment of early Earth and not later or from other planets.

I try to show that life already evolved during the time of disastrous meteorite impacts which nearly sterilized the whole Earth by boiling and evaporating most of the liquid water. This is in contrast to the usual unquestioned assumption that early life evolved after the meteorite bombardment of early Earth calmed down and stable oceans were present.

The main reasons for this thesis are:

A critical discussion with new arguments against common alternative explanations (auto-trophic origin, extraterrestrial origin, horizontal gene transfer) is also provided.
Following this thesis means that life could only originate early or not at all. Since the only reason for assuming that life originates on every suitable planet is the early origin of life on Earth, this also means that extraterrestrial life most likely is very rare and life on Earth might very well be unique in our galaxy.

all of this is explained and discussed in scientific detail:

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graphic 1 from early_life.pdf

In the document above it is also shown that the phosphoseryl-tRNA pathway of cysteine synthesis is clearly a late energy optimization of the methanogens and not a feature of the last universal common ancestor as currently claimed. (see page 6). Chapter VI (see page 16) contains an (hopefully) easy to read explanation (without mathematics) how paralogs bias phylogenetic trees (and systematically lead to these wrong claims, which have not been questioned so far). I hope the biologist community will take this into account more often in future and that a more critical approach to "sure" mathematical results (based on false unmentioned assumptions) becomes more common (see also page 21 for another case).

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